How To Grow Majesty Palms Indoors

Majesty palms are such gorgeous decorations because this plant can be placed in any indoor area. It could greatly credit for making your home look more beautiful. Usually, majesty palms grow slowly, but it is definitely worth all the effort once it grows large as it will turn to become an elegant plant. However, one might find it rather difficult to grow without the necessary knowledge for taking care of it. So here are some tips and bits of advice that will make it easy for you to grow it indoors like a pro.

Look For The Right Light

Majesty palms are at their happiest when there is a lot of light. So if you want to keep them indoors, then let me tell you that they would very much appreciate being placed near a window where light can best reach them. Exposure to enough degree of bright light for about six to eight hours each day will help them thrive indoors.

Let Get Some Fresh Air

Tropical plants love some moisture in the air, and majesty palms are one of them. So if you ever encounter a brown leaf or notice that your plant’s leaf is turning dry, then that is because there is not enough moisture in the air. Try to boost the humidity inside your home and think about making an investment in a humidifier. Other than fixing the problem of lack of moisture in the air inside, the humidifier can also keep your majesty palm safe from the cold and dry air. What’s good is that they tend to recover rather quickly even if they have been damaged by cold air, but only if you have taken action right away to address the problem. Surrounding them with warm and wet air is what’s best for them.

Beware Of Pests

Pests are very annoying as they can destroy the beauty your beloved plants were bound to have. With this, it is very important to protect your majesty palms from pests such as spider mites. Fertilizing your plants regularly can help in preventing pests from damaging them. Of course, if you keep an eye on them, you will have more insurance in pest prevention since you can easily see signs of attack. Having good humidity in the place where your plant is sitting can also help, and so is applying mist on it on a regular basis. Another technique that might do the trick is to wipe the underside of your plant’s leaves using a dampen rag or any piece of cloth available.

Feed Your Majesty Palms

If you are thinking and investment planning on growing a majesty palm indoors, then you might want to use fertilizer on your plant. You can choose a general houseplant fertilizer for your majesty palms. Feed your tropical plant every two to three months and do it during the spring and summer. You should also give a chance for the plant to rest during winter, so there will be no need for you to fertilize it during these cooler and dimmer months.

Look For A Proper Placement

Of course, like any other plant, proper placement is very important. Majesty plants can give beauty to anywhere it is kept, whether indoors or outdoors. You may be wondering where the best spot to place this tropical beauty so that there is insurance that it will grow fully. Your plant loves to live somewhere that has a bright light and is abundant with moisture, so it is best if you place it in one corner of your bathroom. If there is not enough space in your bathroom for your tropical plant, then you can place it anywhere with the same conditions. What is good about growing this plant within the walls of your residence is that it can contribute to purifying the air and can also remove the toxins present. Given the majesty palm’s look, it can suit any style and concept of different homes, whatever color the walls are or whatever the flooring is made of.