Plants at Home Have Health Benefits that Science Can Prove

You might have seen it first from your friends and coworkers who take time to grow plants in their homes and even in their office. You thought you should, too, but you know it will take up your time and demand care and attention. So you wonder whether you have what it takes as you decide whether to venture into this lifestyle investment. Do you have the time, energy, or resources for it?

Let me convince you to take a step towards it. There many good things you can get from these plants but you have to give them the daily time and attention it seeks. In return, you’re about to get many good things as these plants credit for health benefits worth the work.

The benefits could be too good to be true, but researchers have looked into the claims and found the truth. So here are the proven benefits you can get from your plants.

1. Improved the Mental Health

Plants can help us heal naturally, and that’s not by boiling or juicing them. It is as simple as just having them in this particular corner of our home. United Kingdom Researchers discovered how people are happier when they are near nature – or have a representation of it at home or in the office. Having plants around us will remind us of the great outdoors. To the degree that we’ll probably start thinking about the countryside and all the open space that we can go to on the next holiday. If you live in the city, having plants will also help you feel less boxed in.

Since all plants do is sit and grow, they have no sense of busy days, unlike you. That is why when they’re around, that sense of patience and peace catches up and calms you.

2. Boosts the Immune System

Plants benefit our physical health as they are credited with having the ability to boost our immune system. During the flu season, having them around helps your system get the much-needed boost. Because plants contain phytoncides and other airborne chemicals, this helps reduce stress. When we feel less stressed, it naturally boosts our immune system, and just like that, you might have a full year of not catching the flu at all.

3. Improved Productivity

If we always feel that we can’t focus on work, consider looking at our home decorations. Because if we lack pictures, decorations, and plants, well, that could be the problem. Research shows that for workspaces to encourage productivity, it should, at least to some degree, display the items mentioned above.

Having plants in the appropriate spaces around us help get rid of our timidity. They add color and freshness to our workspaces or in our homes. They also give the mind the mental boost it needs to improve productivity. You’ll be surprised at how all of a sudden, your work that had been a struggle to start, let alone finish, becomes easier to complete – eventually, it may even push us a degree further to excel and impress our boss.

However, we don’t need to overdo putting plants in our spaces to increase productivity. A couple of the right ones at the right spot can already help stimulate us to work.

4. Improve Relationships

Plants affect our present relationships, too. In fact, it holds a gauge as to whether we can make them better than they were before. This concept is very much similar to that of getting pets. Some people believe the common misconception that only those who are willing to have a greater degree of responsibility should go for the lifestyle – but that’s not the case.

By having plants, we get to exercise our sense of compassion by caring for another living thing in our space, and especially for the self-professed introverts, having plants to care for can be life-changing for them.

5. They Improve Your Learning Abilities

Plants don’t only help boost productivity. They are given credit also for boosting our learning capabilities. When we have plants at home, they help us welcome mental clarity, making it easier for us to focus on tasks at hand.

6. Improve Air Quality

Plants are great in changing the air quality in our spaces. Whether it’s in your office or at home, it changes the atmosphere with coolness and clean air. When pollutants get inside our living space, it’s hard to ward it off. It just then makes it easier for bacteria and viruses to stick around, leaving our room at risk for us to catch colds or flu to some degree. But with the plants in our house, they improve our air quality. Making the room healthy for us to hang in.

7. They Can Humidify Our Home

Did you know that plants exhale almost all of the water they take in?

Plants can help humidify the air. So by getting plants in our living spaces, we won’t need to get a humidifier. Not only do we enjoy the benefits of quality air, but we also get to save on the electricity bill, and it’s all thanks to this new habit of caring for plants.