These TV and Movie Stars Get The Highest, Envy-Inducing Pay For Their Roles

Tom Cruise | War of the Worlds | $100 Million

Sure, you know Tom Cruise’s iconic 2005 science fiction movie, War of the Worlds, by Steven Spielberg himself. With the superb storytelling, screenplay, and of course, actors, it is no surprise that it earned a whopping $234 million in North America alone and $603 million worldwide. It also became the fourth most successful film both domestically and internationally in the said year, receiving a lot of accolades, credits, and positive responses.

With its success, did you know Cruise earned a staggering $100 million? Imagine making this tremendous amount in only 73 days of movie production. It is even higher than what the average person can earn in a lifetime. Luckily, the 58-year-old actor got it right when he decided to receive an upfront salary rather than taking a percentage of the proceeds.