You Think They’re Gone? These Veteran Celebrities Prove Age Is Just A Number When It Comes To Hollywood

If you’re already stunned by the talents that the new generation of celebrities are showing today, you will surely be in awe seeing the great acting skills of the veteran stars. Long before Margot Robbie, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, Robert Pattinson, Emma Watson, and other young stars ruled Hollywood, the likes of Diana Ross, Morgan Freeman, Cher, Betty White, and more started the entertainment we know today.
In fact, there would be no competition if they didn’t set the standard of performance an artist should do, whether it’s acting or singing. To their credits, they have set the bar high. Acting and singing probably just work for some, but for them, these are the passion that fuels them to live. Prepare to bow down and give these veteran celebrities the salute they deserve for proving age is just a number when it comes to Hollywood.

Betty White

Betty White rose to prominence for her roles in The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She has been in the entertainment industry since 1939. Even if she is now at the age of 99 years old, this prolific actress can still act. Her recent credits are a guest spot on the Bones, and she starred in the series Hot in Cleveland.

Many admire her age, and in fact, she is older than sliced bread, which was introduced late in the 1920s. Her achievements throughout her career go beyond the standard of Wonderbread. She made it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the most extended female television entertainer holder. Even if considered as the century’s grandma, she still performs and is always camera-ready. We can’t stop ourselves from being amazed by her skills, and even today, she can still entertain many audiences. We all wish that she doesn’t retire soon.