Celebrities With The Hottest Luxury Cars

Beyoncé & Jay-Z | Maybach Exelero

Beyonce and Jay-Z are unquestionably two of Hollywood’s most well-known stars. The pair has amassed millions of money as a result of their enormously successful singing and acting careers. Even though Beyonce and Jay-Z may not appear to be automobile collectors at first glance, they do have an incredible collection that might rival even the most dedicated auto collectors.

Maybach is one of many automakers vying for a piece of the ultra-luxury car market with Rolls Royce. The Exelero, on the other hand, takes things to a whole new level. The main goal of developing this unique, super-luxury car, which costs roughly $8 million, was to test tires. However, it currently resides in the garage of one of Hollywood’s most famous couples. This massive amount will surely hurt your investments, but what’s $8 million when you’re worth a combined $1.8 billion, or possibly even more?