Take A Look At These Celebrities Who Look More Gorgeous When All Glammed Up After Losing Weight 

We are used to seeing celebrities all glammed up whether they’re in character or not. Their looks always fit their style, not to mention their perfectly shaped bodies. Though some of them are on the heavier side, it can’t be denied that they’re still equally beautiful—no matter what size they are.
One good example of this is Adele. Fans have loved her not just for her excellent voice but for her pretty face as well. Nobody cares how many stones she used to weigh then; she has always been a crowd favorite. However, when she decided to lose weight, she became more stunning to some degree. Everything now looks perfect for her, from hair to her makeup, to her outfits.
Though we’re not saying thinner is better, there are just some celebrities who opt to lose weight to be more comfortable with their own skin. In the age of body positivity, it’s now someone’s choice if they will put off the pounds for aesthetic or health purposes.
Take a look at these celebrities who chose to be on the slimmer side — they look gorgeous when all glammed up.


Adele is one of the most successful artists of our time. She has sold millions of albums, packed up stadiums everywhere, won several Grammy awards, and even won an Oscar. All credit goes to her powerful voice, vulnerability, authenticity, and her pretty face that won people’s hearts all over the world. Adele will be releasing another album soon, but that’s not all that’s new with the pop royalty. Adele always emphasized that she’d rather be on the cover of Rolling Stone than Vogue since she makes music for the ears and not for the eyes.

Today, Adele went from being 200 pounds to looking like a supermodel. She posted a picture of herself on Instagram that shook the entire world. The talented songwriter has been on a strict diet and workout regimen with the help of a professional trainer. She was also under the Sirtfood diet which made her lose a total of 100 pounds overall!