100 Celebrities: Past and Present Comparisons – Who Transformed the Most?

Raquel Welch

Pop culture icon and prominent actress, Rachel Welch, reached the household name status following her successful career. She does not look 80 years old as she is still looking incredible. As we go back to her time when she began acting in 1959, we also want you to know how she impacted the industry. Ever since she was seven years old, her biggest dream was to be on screen, so she started dancing ballet, hopeful to enhance her skills.

Welch has come a long way and is now an award-winning actress. She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture for her excellent performance in The Three Musketeers. Recently, she appeared in Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind documentary. While we remember her evident talents, we cannot take our eyes off her outstanding beauty. She has both, and even at this age, she surprised people with her looks. She will always have a place in Hollywood not just for her apparent beauty but also for her work and investments in it.